Here an ACEO sized print is displayed on a Santa's Songbird ® book page.
The ACEO image is shown by permission of the artist Sharon Lamb.


Santa's Songbird ® softcover books facilitate the display of miniature art on paper.
Two clear, acid free, photo corners can be used to display any ACEO on any page.
This invites readers to take part in individual creative interpretation of the story.
Add any miniature art on paper such as stickers or decorated 3"x 5" index cards.
Artists can even alter the 60 lb. paper pages after proper surface preparation.
Each book has an extra blank page one can remove to test intended media.
All story pages provide room for creativity or remain balanced as printed.
It's a great gift for kids to make for parents or grandparents to treasure.
It enables kids to have fun enhancing the story or not as they choose.
So join in the fun and create your own one of a kind heirloom today.
Or give your child a set of stickers to decorate the pages with you.
It can make a one of a kind experience and a holiday keepsake too.


"Chipper the songbird hatched early one spring,
To discover that life is a wondrous thing.
He wanted to see the whole world from the sky,
So he sat in his nest growing feathers to fly.

The wind swept his hillside tree upward and down,
As he stood watching over his old country town.
He heard children singing and watched them at play,
And gathered such gifts in his heart every day.

Spring turned to Summer and Summer to Fall.
He grew splendid feathers but this was not all.
Chipper had taken to singing at night,
And each time he did, he lit up like a light.

A gift of the kind only heaven can send,
Had come from above with a heavenly friend.
Other birds said, "Chipper's ways are not right,"
"No night singing birds, turning on and off light!"

Flocking and squawking they called Chipper "strange".
They said he should live outside normal bird range.
Then starlings forced Chipper to fly away north,
Just as the chill of the winter came forth.

Chipper flew many hours to be safe and free.
He stopped for a rest on an evergreen tree.
Below him a town square was fully in view.
And people were doing things festive and new.

The Spirit of Christmas was traveling round,
In kindness and faith, in sights and in sound.
Chipper was twinkling, thrilled by the view.
The Spirit came to him, and onward he flew.

He flew to the realm where angels sing,
To hear from the giver of every good thing.
Then one special song was placed in his heart.
Earthbound he returned, to continue his part..."

Excerpted from:The Secret of Santa's Songbird © 2002 by D. S. Jackson. All rights reserved.